How do I check and approve the refund?

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There are just few steps for you to check and approve the refund order in Yamimeal Merchant APP.


Step 1

If a customer initiates a refund request after receiving the order, you'll receive a pop-up notification.

Click "Completed" on the left, and then click the order with "Refund Requested" status to check the refund order details



Step 2

The order will indicate the item needed for refund along with reasons of refund requested by Customers. Click “Refund Requested” to confirm and operate the refund request



Step 3 

You can decide the percentage (%) of the price of the item to be refunded to Customers based on the reasons provided. Lastly, click "Confirm" to approve the refund




The order will be updated with the refund details, which shows that the refund has been successful



If you need further assistance, please feel free to submit your request to Yamimeal Care Team through our Help Center and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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