How do I process a refund after completed the order?

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If you would like to perform a refund for a completed order in Yamimeal Merchant APP, please refer to the following steps.


Step 1

Click "Order List" to search for completed orders


Step 2

Select the date on which the order has been picked up/delivered


Step 3

Click the order to view the order details


Step 4

Scroll down to browse the order details, then click "Refund" at the bottom right


Step 5

Check the box of the item(s) that need to be refunded and click "Next"self_refund_5.png


Step 6

Select the "Refund amount" and fill in "Refund reason" for the product, click "Submit" to confirm the refund


Step 7

Click "Send" to send a refund notification to the customer through Instant Message (IM)



If you need further assistance, please feel free to submit your request to Yamimeal Care Team through our Help Center and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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