How can I update my restaurant address?

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As restaurant address is one of the vital symbolized data for a restaurant, Merchants are not able to change their address on Merchant Portal.

If Merchants are moving to a new address, Merchants can submit your request to Yamimeal Care Team through our Help Center and we will assist in updating the new address as soon as possible.

Kindly include the following content in your request:

  • Current Merchant's Name
  • Current Merchant's Address
  • New Merchant's Name (If viable)
  • New Merchant's Address (If viable)

If Merchants are starting subsidiaries, Merchants can send your request via this link. We will help to set up the new restaurant as soon as possible.

Merchants can manage the restaurants using the main Yamimeal account if Merchants use the same email for the main restaurant and the subsidiaries. Once the subsidiaries are activated, Merchants will be able to add administrators in each restaurants to achieve the purpose of independence management.

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