How to setup my delivery area?

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If Merchant wants to setup delivery area, Merchant can follow the steps below:
Yamimeal Merchant Portal -> Store Settings -> Delivery Area

*Notes: Merchants must adjust their order type in Store Settings - Business Setting - Order Setting as to provide "Delivery" service only or "Both" pickup and delivery service beforehand.


Setting up delivery area

Step 1: Set the delivery area
By clicking "Add" button at the upper right corner, Merchants can choose to add the delivery area by entering the Zip codes (Method 1) or drawing the Polygon of the delivery area on the given map (Method 2)

Method 1 delivery_2e.pngdelivery_21e.jpg
Method 2 delivery_22e.png

Step 2: Set the Minimum Order Amount for Delivery
Enter the minimum amount per order that are required for delivery service to be provided

Step 3: Set Free Delivery On Orders Over $ Amount
Enter the amount per order($) that will be eligible for free delivery heredelivery_4e.png

Step 4: Set the Delivery Fee
Enter the amount of Delivery Fee that will be charged from the customer, if the delivery fee needs to be processed with tax, please check the box under "Taxable"delivery_5e.png

Step 5: Set Delivery Hour
Select the preferred Delivery Day, Delivery Opening Time, Closing Time and Cut-off hours*. If you would like to set multiple delivery hours within a day, please click the "Add" button to create another delivery time.
*Notes: Order Cut-off hours: After setting the order cut-off hours, the order will be cut-off X hours before the end of the delivery time. For example, Monday’s delivery time is 14:00-15:00, and Merchant wants customers to order before 21:00 the day before, then the cut-off hour will be 18:00


Step 6: Save the settings
After complete editing, click "Save" to enable the delivery area


If you need further assistance, please feel free to submit your request to Yamimeal Care Team through our Help Center and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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