How to order from Yamimeal?

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Operating Procedures:

Login to account >  Merchant's page > Select item > Check cart > Confirm order summary > Place order


Follow this guide to place an order on Yamimeal:

Step 1

Log in to your Yamimeal User App Account (Using your Google, WeChat, Facebook, or Apple Account)



Step 2

At the APP homepage, choose whether to place an order under "Grocery" or "Restaurant", enter your address, and then you can start shopping by browsing through the categories on the main page



Step 3

You can quickly make purchases through the products recommended on the main page and scroll down or swipe right to see more recommended products



Step 4

You can also search for the products you want by typing them in, or by browsing through the categories; after you have finished selecting your items, you can click on "View Cart" at the bottom to see the items you have selected



Step 5

You can click on the "+/-" or "Trash Can" icons to adjust the quantity or delete the products. After confirming, you can click on "Checkout" at the bottom right



Step 6

Before you checkout, the system will recommend some offered products for your reference. If you have confirmed your selection, you can click on "Continue"



Step 7

(1) Choose whether you need "Delivery" or "Pickup" from the warehouse
(2) Confirm the address and contact number you entered
(3) Enter your email address so that the system can send you order information
(4) Select the delivery date, whether to use coupons, the items you want to purchase, and whether to give a tip



Step 8

Select the payment method and whether to use the Merchant Points, then review your order summary. After confirmation and you can click "Place Order" to proceed with the payment



If you need further assistance, please feel free to submit your request to Yamimeal Care Team through our Help Center and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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