How to participate "Share & Earn" to earn merchant points?

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Operating Procedures:

Submit Order > Click Share to earn $ > Share to friends


Follow this guide to participate "Share & Earn":

  • Method (1)

Step 1

After selecting product(s) and confirming the order details, click "Place Order" to proceed



Step 2

After the order is placed, click "Share to earn $"



Step 3

Choose the items to share with your friends and click "Share & Earn"



Step 4

Select the language and the social media to be shared on



Step 5

A) Share to WeChat

  • Select your friends or a group chat to complete sharing


B) Share to Moments

  • Enter description and click "Post" to complete sharing


C) Share to Facebook

  • Enter description and click "Post" to complete sharing



Step 6

Click "Get Discount Price" after entering the interface via the link you have shared, your friends will be directed to select the discount item(s) or other items provided by the merchant



Step 7

Once the sharing is completed, you may return to the order details to check on the merchant points, the more followers the more merchant points you will earn



  • Method (2)

Step 1

Click "Orders" followed by "Share & Earn"


** Repeat the Step 2 ~ 7 from method (1) to earn merchant points


Note: The time limit to share the orders is decided by the merchant. Once the orders have exceeded the time limit, the "Share&Earn" button would not be functioning.

If you need further assistance, please feel free to submit your request to Yamimeal Care Team through our Help Center and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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