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With an example of setting "Hot Pot Combo For 5" (With modifier) that costs $88.50 which includes:
Choose 2 pot bottom: [Must Fill (Choose 2)]

Sichuan Spicy Pot Bottom
Tonkotsu Base
Healthy Chicken Pot Bottom
Fresh Fish Pot Bottom
Miso Pot Bottom

Choose 3 meat or seafood: [Must Fill (Choose 3)]

Hot pot beef
Boneless Beef Rib (+$1.00)
American Wagyu (+$3.00)
Dry Aged Rib Eye (+$8.00)

1.1 Creating an item
Step 1
Login to your Yamimeal Account via Yamimeal Merchant Portal
Step 2
1) Click "Menu"
2) Click "Items"
3) Click "Add"
Step 3
1) Click "Camera" button to upload maximum 3 pieces of the item's photo
2) Click "Video" button to upload a video via URL link (Optional)
3) Fill in the Item's Name
4) Fill in the price (After discount)
5) Fill in "Cut Price Discount Percentage(%)" (if applicable)
6) Fill in "Tax(%)" [Note: Tax to be imposed when transaction occurs (Tax is based on region where Merchant is, kindly refer back to the rate showed in Merchant's Settings)]
7) Labels (Optional)
8) Select the "Category"
9) External Item Code (Optional)
10) Fill in the quantity to offer for sale (Default as 9999)
11) Click "Submit" to save and publish the new item
1.2 Setting item's specification (Modifier)
Step 1
1) Click "Modifier"
2) Click "Add" to create a new modifier
Step 2
1) Fill in "Hot Pot Soup" as the name of modifier at "English Name" column
2) At Rules, click "+" / "-" to set the minimum purchase unit regarding "Hot Pot Soup" choices in the combo
3) At Rules, click "+" / "-" to set the maximum purchase unit regarding "Hot Pot Soup" choices in the combo
4) Fill in description as "Choose (2) flavors of soup base"
5) Click "Add"
Step 3
Under "Option", fill in the choices to be chosen by Customer
1) At "Name", fill in "Sze Chuan Mala Soup"
2) If choosing "Sze Chuan Mala Soup" requires no extra charges, fill "0" at "Price($)"
3) Click "Add" to successfully save and publish the modifier created
Step 4
Repeat the steps above to complete setting up modifier and click "Submit" to save and publish the new item
1.3 Add modifier into uploaded item
Step 1
1) Click "Menu"
2) Click "Item"
3) Click on "Hot Pot Combo 5" (Item that requires Modifier)Add_Modifier_1.png
Step 2
1) Scroll down Item Detail's interface searching for "Modifiers"
2) Click "Add"
Step 3
1) Tick the box of desired modifier
2) Click "Submit"
As shown below, you will see the desired Modifier is related to the item
Step 4
1) Confirm the selection(s) of Modifier(s)
2) Click "Submit" to save and publish the item with Modifier(s)

3) Notification of "Submit Successfully" will be showedAdd_Modifier_6.png

The pictures below show how the Modifier(s) will be displayed in Yamimeal User APP:



If you need further assistance, please feel free to submit your request to Yamimeal Care Team through our Help Center and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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