Pricing, Payment and Refund

  • How do I process a refund after completed the order?

    If you would like to perform a refund for a completed order in Yamimeal Merchant APP, please refer to the following steps.   Step 1 Click "Order List" to search for completed orders Step 2 Select the date on which the order has been picked up/delivered Step 3 Click the order to view the order details Step 4 Scroll down to browse the order details, then click "Refund" at the bottom right Step 5 Check the box of the item(s) that need to be refunded and click "Next"   Step 6 Select the "Refund amount" and fill in "Refund reason" for the product, click "Submit" to confirm the refund Step 7 Click "Send" to send a refund notificat...

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