How do I cancel my order?

How do I cancel my order?

There are 2 situations when you cancel your order.

  1. Before the merchant accepts your order, you can cancel your order without any surcharges .
    Please follow steps below for you to cancel your order

Step 1 : Click on “Oder” button

Step 2 : Find your order in “Live Order” tab.

Step 3 : Click “Cancell” on the order that you would like to cancel

Step 4 : Click on “Comfirm” to ensure that you need to cancel the order

  1. After the merchant has accepted your order, you may be charged for a penalty which is set by the merchant, ranging from 0~100% based on the order’s total amount. This is due to merchant will start preparing your order as soon as they accepted it.

If you have a unique situation requiring you to cancel the order, please contact the merchant directly through the in-app IM, they may cancel the order for you without any surcharges.

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